Recorded Identities: Experience of reflective recording

By Hadas Emma Kedar, Khatia Tchokhonelidze, Melanie Henke, Olga Timurgalieva

What makes a video-recording of the self a method for creative therapeutic experience in post-digital culture?

At the junction of new media, art, psychology, and film, this artistic research project locates the potential of using the recording of individuals as an experience of creative expression and enriching self-reflection. Through the project, we developed an initiative workshop of personal experience, in which individuals were invited for one-hour sessions to talk about themselves in front of a video camera.

The green-screen studio created laboratory conditions and an intimate environment for expression. Three workshops were conducted and 20 personal stories were recorded. The resulting experience has the potential to develop into a method for art-therapy, similar to music, dance or drawing therapy.

At NIME we exhibit the workshop’s studio simulation and the project’s data in the form of an archive and a video documentation of the workshop process.