Musical Interfacing through Facial Gestures

By: Stefan Palitov, Ina Čiumakova, Rodrigo Guzman

Suono Specchio (lit. Sound/Play Mirror) is an interactive sound installation that explores the use of the face as a possible interface for musical expression. The installation consists of a one-way mirror with which the user interacts by gesticulating. Facial gestures are mapped to specific musical and poetic elements that are played back to the user through headphones. Suono Specchio expands the expressive capabilities of one’s face while, at the same time, posing questions regarding the phenomenological and archaeological significance that mirrors and reflective surfaces have had throughout history.

As a practice-based research project, Suono Specchio stems from an interest explore the possibilities of experimental musical creation through facial expression and the role of the design within the field of media arts.