By Bilge, Bengü, Tatiana, Ronit.

This project seeks to understand the role and authenticity of the sound-archive in a post-digital context. It is driven by an impulse to reclaim and re-involve the ‘’human’’ in processes of data (in this case sonic) gathering and navigation in a world increasingly appropriated by digital platforms like the proverbial ‘’Google Search’’, with their digitally maneuvered ways of rendering selective access to data.

Envisaged more as a process of research-creation than as an artwork, the project draws inspiration from acoustic ecology and related practices of sound-archiving in line with sound-walks and sound-maps but ushers significant modification to the same by forging a unique dynamic of curatorial practice keeping alive the spirit of creation.

The ‘’post-digital’’ turn in this project is understood as a return to human and organic modes of creative practices which provide an alternative to the filtering and display protocols of state-of-the-art digital infrastructures.